Photo Credit: edwardggunn (Flickr)

I’m sometimes confused in my writing because I have so much in me that I want to share.  And I have so much in me that I am not sure if I can share.  So, I have found that it is easier to draft blogs than it is to publish them.  Drafting blogs feels like learning. Publishing them feels like mastery.  And, I have content waiting to be released that is far from mastery.  So I sit on them in private– keeping myself removed from the real learning … the learning that comes from sharing and engagement.

While enjoying a blog from a colleague on Twitter this morning, I was inspired to finally do something that I have been talking about for all of 2016.  I finally set up my political blog (political as in lowercase p) that I am calling The Mary Mariah Blog.  In that my business is situated around empowerment, it should be no surprise that I have a passion for the political.  At the heart, I am a social scientist just as much as I am an educator.  My business has always been a way for me to bring both together in a way that adds uninterrupted value to the world.

But, as much as empowerment is about politics (lowercase p and uppercase p), it is not easy to share my personal experience with empowerment.  So I end up trying unsuccessfully to make a messy situation neat; thereby, never publishing what I have written.

My action this morning, in setting up The Mary Mariah Blog, was about giving the political journey with empowerment a place for visibility and impact.  Centering mostly on the politics of my body as a black woman (the more obvious access points for lowercase and uppercase p-politics AND my resistance to it), I am locating the blog in the theme of black feminism.

It is important to note that my vision for the blog is to talk more broadly about the  sociological issues that intersect with empowerment; albeit, I will be doing so through the lens of my lived experience as a black woman.  But there are other themes of me that will undoubtedly bleed through.  Themes like poverty, spirituality, abuse, and sexual and gender identity also intrigue me… and adds color to the fight for empowerment.

As I said in my book, Empowerment Starts Here: Seven Principles to Empowering Urban Youth, serving as living/breathing curriculum is the best thing educators can do for students who live in the margins. They don’t need to be talked/lectured into empowerment.  They need to see it, critique it, and understand it from a nuanced perspective… where they can consider the struggle and the survival in a way that is safe yet still personal.

This is the impetus of the blog, more so than my love for politics.  It is a deep conviction that empowerment is not a text book experience nor is it a standalone experience.  It is one where all of us must come face to face with resistance (some more than others) and all must submit to the vulnerability and the learning curve that come along as companions.

Mary Mariah is personal as much as it is political.  Using the names of my paternal grandmother and my maternal great, great-grandmother, I embrace the spirit of black womanhood in the modern and daily pursuit for empowerment.

In what personally feels like resistance, courage, and bravery, please support me by subscribing, liking, or sharing.  Your encouragement will make this process possible!